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Have we done enough?

Have we done enough? It’s the inevitable question in every Epic rider’s mind at this point in the game. They start to question their whole year of training, what they have eaten, how many races they have participated in and why they ever thought riding their bikes for 8 days was a good idea. Overthinking… If anything, our boys are pros at just that!

Rumours are that David has been caught checking five weather apps, at least 3 times per day this week, in the hope that it will somehow foretell the events of next week’s Epic ride. The reality, however, is that there are many uncontrollable factors that make the Epic the incredible, untamed mountain bike race that it is. No amount of training can prepare a rider for the often unforgiving weather conditions, mechanical issues, bum sores or nose runs. It is, perhaps, the unpredictable that makes this week a real challenge for the ever in control chefs.

Tsepo and David will reunite early tomorrow morning when Tsepo lands in Cape Town for two days of pre-race activity. First on tomorrow’s to-do list is a photo-shoot with Team Meerendal in the new kits. There is no denying that David is in lumo heaven, sporting the electric yellow helmet, glasses and shoes which form part of Team Meerendal’s very stylish kit. It goes without saying that anyone coming to support along the route next week will not miss our team!

Saturday is registration day at the V&A Waterfront as well as some last minute logistic planning with the rest of the Meerendal team. With all this activity we are hoping that our team will be less edgy about staying off their bikes…. In the words of coach Erica Green “Trust the Taper”; easier said than done for a pair who live and breathe to jump on their bikes each day.

An exciting part of the Epic is the role that Tracker plays in ensuring that friends and family are always up to speed with the whereabouts of the riders. Our team’s race number is 289. By logging onto the Epic website and searching for their number you will be able to track exactly how they are faring on each stage next week.

The time has finally come and whilst David and Tsepo can’t quite decide whether it’s excitement or nerves they are feeling- all we are is proud. Proud of how far they have come and proud of the manner in which they have approached the gruelling physical and mental test that comes with preparing for something like the Epic. There is no doubt that, as in the kitchen, the team will face each day’s challenge head-on and with the determination and unwavering passion that makes them the incredible duo that they are. Good luck guys! Go make dreams come true.

Come and support David and Tsepo at the University of Cape Town on Sunday where their prologue starts at 9:55. See you there.



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