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Feeding The City.

From a personal point of view, 2014 has been a big year for me. Being involved with events such as Design Indaba and the ABSA Cape Epic has once again made me realise the endless potential for our beautiful South Africa.

I did not, however, lose sight of the serious needs of our county. The wellbeing of South African children, and particularly those from disadvantaged communities should, in my opinion, be our main concern.  Issues such as lack of nutrition, quality education as well as information about healthy eating habits, the threat of HIV/AIDS and unstable home environments are examples of the every day challenges faced by our youth.

In the year 2008 Ferran Adria, a master of his trade and one of the top Chefs of the last few decades, came to our country and spent some time sharing his thoughts and theories about food. During a morning of picking the mastermind behind El Bulli Restaurant's brain, he made a comment that has stuck with me. Ferran was asked what he thought the next food trend would be. His answer was simple and unexpected; he said that it does not matter what the next trend is - what matters is that we teach our youth about nutrition and eating properly. The reality of poverty in Africa makes this a huge challenge. 


Executive Chef at the Saxon Hotel

Supporting children in sustaining their active lives

Through my experience of training for and taking part in the ABSA Cape Epic 2014, I came into contact with many professional riders and corporate firms who are involved in distributing bikes, as well as providing funding to rural children. Not only did these initiatives enable the kids to get to school, the communities were also introduced to the fun side of the sport and many children were able to realise their inherent ability to ride a bike, and ride it well!

Professional cyclists, Karl Platt and Stefan Sahm, told me stories of young, talented kids who rode with them but were unable to reach their potential due to lack of energy and "hitting the wall" far too early in races. The bigger picture became far clearer when they were informed that the kids hadn't eaten breakfast and drank only water in their bottles. 

What can we do about this? I discussed this with my good friend Reinette Geldenhuis. We considered the idea of planting gardens in the local communities in order to promote healthy eating and the nutritional value of fresh products. This remains our long-term dream.  

Food Cycle's main objectives:

  • Educating the youth about nutrition and healthy eating habits.
  • Establishing kitchens with sporting academies such as Diepsloot Mountain Bike Academy and Songo in Kayamandi, Stellenbosch.
  • Utilising the kitchens to introduce the youngsters to cooking and thereby empowering them to cook their own meals.
  • Eventually, we would like to set-up a trailor with a fully-equiped kitchen for the purposes of education by way of demonstrating the process of preparing healthy foods.
  • The trailor will provide a "visual presence" of Food Cycle within the community.
  • The "8700 Breakfast Bar" which will be a source of energy and a "kit start" for the kids' day. The breakfast bar will be of optimum nutritional value, but also taste good. 

What we do.


  • Educating the kids about the benefits of short term and long term eating habits and proper nutrition.
  • How healthy food affects their bodies and is associated with improved performance in sport.
  • Eventually having a team spending weekdays at schools with sports programmes and sports centres within various communities, thereby assisting and supporting the existing programmes in sustaining and developing both their own strengths as well as those of Foodcycle.
  • Spending weekends at bike races and rides in parks and along the spruits, in order to create awareness and sell products to fund the programme and get the kids involved.

8700 bar.

The nutritional bar

The Breakfast Bar:

  • Create a ‘real’ bar with maximum nutriental value in order to give the kids a good, healthy start to their day.
  • It must be tasty! All food should taste good.
  • We aim to sell the bar at various retail stores, as well as from our trailers at sports events and bike shops in order to raise funding for Food Cycle.
  • This is a long term goal that will take some time in developing but will have a huge impact. 
  • The idea is to buy one and a child in need gets one free

a rider

This is a programme that will introduce children to cycling as a sport, broaden their social interaction and give them hope for the future.

  • Every year we adopt a rider to train and ride in selected races with us, thereby essentially preparing them for bigger goals and wider social integration.
  • The year’s programme ends with the Absa Cape Epic or a selected race or event that Food Cycle aligns itself with.
  • The adoption year has been extended to include the funding of after-school courses.
  • Furthermore, taking a long-term view, we could possibly bring the adopted riders into a suitable working environment at corporate companies depending on their interests, aptitude and skills levels.
  • We are initially focusing on the children from the Diepsloot community.
  • Our first priority is to raise awareness of the programme and encourage participation.
  • Tsepo and Tendani are our first 2 selected candidates and the programme is up and running.
  • The Saxon Hotel, Villa and Spa is funding their 3 year professional cookery diploma.

The Spruit

Another of our aims is to help raise awareness and help fund the upkeep of the Braamfontein Spruit as one of the true gems of our city, Johannesburg.

  • Partner with Neil "The Spruit Fairy", and existing charitable organisations and various job-creation charities to get involved with and assist us with funding and other essential needs.
  • A large part of the Spruit programme entails attracting greater community involvement, from the awareness aspect as well as encouraging participation.


Any fundung or volunteering received by Food Cycle will be utilised for:

  • Staffing
  • Education material
  • Feeding the children
  • Development and production of the 8700 Bar
  • Funding for tertiary education in order to assist young adults who have shown interest and ability
  • Ongoing donations for the upkeep of the Spruit
  • Kitchen equipment

Pledge your support

There are numerous ways to support; by arranging financial
donations, offering time and resources, anything really!

Donate today and make a difference

or become a
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Food Cycle.
Published on 14 March 2014

For the love of children.



Our Partners Thank you.

To all those fantastic companies and passionate individuals who have supported, carried, cooked, ridden and contributed in so many ways, a huge thank you!


Your Support. Food Cycle.

I would like to offer my support. There are numerous ways to support, by arranging financial donations, offering time and resources, anything really!

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